Sign Language

Sign Language

Research shows that hearing children can raise IQ 8 to 13 points by doing sign language.

Signing with Preschool Children: Using signs with preschoolers and kindergartners aids in language and literacy development and helps retrain information better.Signing with Preschool Children

How ASL Improves Language Development: Children who learn sign language use both sides of the brain which causes building of connections in the brain. Children who are taught sign language has demonstrated better spelling and larger vocabularies than children who did not learn sign language. They also have a tendency to show better speech and communication skills. How ASL Improves Language Development

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Montessori Math

Montessori math

In addition to linear counting, the bead cabinet provides a concrete representation of abstract mathematical concepts. While children at this age are not able to verbalize these concepts, they can represent them. Through the use of short and long bead chains, number squares and cubes, and numeral arrows, the bead cabinet concretely demonstrates:

– skip counting — 10, 20, 30, 40, . . . 1000
– multiples
– squared numbers: six 6s = 36 = 62
– cubed numbers: ten 100-squares = a thousand cube

This concrete learning paves the way for future learning in the lower elementary.

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preschool yoga

Doing yoga with children has many potential benefits:
– Builds balance and coordination
– Improves overall body awareness
– Develops concentration and focus
– Releases tension
– Promotes emotional awareness and ability to manage emotions
– Encourages calmness
– Teaches students to respond, rather than react
– Promotes self control
– Boosts confidence
– Teaches self respect and respect of others
– Enhances learning readiness
– Encourages self-discipline

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