Apple science

apple science

Mrs. Bertsch turned into an apple today to teach the children some apple facts, sing a song about apples in a tree, and read a story about a big apple.
We learned the parts of an apple, the life-cycle of an apple from seed to tree, and how the star of seeds inside is the same shape as the blossom. We tasted and graphed our favorite out of 3 kinds of apples, and talked about products made from apples.

Eric Carle inspired art work

eric carle inspired art project

Eric Carle inspired art work will be coming home next week. They are beautiful! The children layered paint, used shapes to make body parts, and worked hard on their cutting skills to make creations inspired by the wonderful illustrator, Eric Carle! The children were so EXCITED with their finished product because there were so many steps involved. Each one unique and beautiful!