Finding a Good Preschool for your Child

Article from the June 2013 issue of Canton Life:

Montessori is a popular trend with parents, but it’s based on a method that has been around for 100 years!  Maria Montessori shifted the attention away from the traditional teacher-directed learning model to a learner-centered one.  By recognizing a child’s natural desire to learn and providing special materials, each child is able to develop concentration, coordination, independence, and a regard for order.

Over Laura Bertsch’s extensive career in education, she has taught both traditional and Montessori methods.  According to Bertsch, “The Montessori method really provides an individualized program for children, which accelerates personal learning and encourages multi-age collaboration.”  A common misconception is that Montessori is a franchise, when in fact each school is independent.  “It is important to research the school your child attends prior to enrollment.”  Some things to consider are staff education and experience, and what academic and extracurricular activities will be provided.  Unfortunately, many parents select the school without considering what their child will learn there.  Preschool and kindergarten are the foundation for success in school.

Coming from a family of educators, Laura has much exposure to early childhood.  After getting her masters in early childhood, her Montessori certificate, and teaching for 15 years, she will assume the position of Director of Children’s Garden Montessori.  It is a new school, located on the West side of Canton.  Besides the academic program, the children will tend a garden, cook, do hands-on science experiments, yoga, and sign language.