Here’s what parents are saying about Children’s Garden Montessori of Canton:

“Thank you for creating such a wonderful environment for my daughter to explore.  I cannot put enough words together to praise you for the gratitude in my heart for all you have done.  My daughter has grown so much under your care.  Her reading, math, and life skills have blossomed.  You are a true treasure to our community. I am honored and thankful to know you, and have you work with my child.”

“My son has really grown this year into a confident person ready to take on the world and learn with a fearless gusto. I am beyond thankful to you for helping him.  My son glows when telling me all he has learned, and is so excited to continue learning.  I feel this year had some major leaps in development.   I know that his time with you will forever be invaluable.”

“Thank you for making our first year of preschool so special. We appreciate all of your hard work and for taking great care of my daughter.”

“I appreciate how all the teachers are very warm and welcoming, especially with enrolling our child in the middle of the school year. My daughter gets very excited when it is time to go to school.”

“Thank you for your endless patience for those blessed to be 3 years old. You have made the beginning of her years of school fantastic.”

“As a parent, we all want what is best for our children. This school turned out to be a great fit for my daughter and we enjoyed having her attend all last year. Now she is even more ready for kindergarten and we have such great memories of her loving, experienced and patient teachers.”

“This is our second year at Children’s Garden. It has been a great experience for my son, he loves going to school! I love the teachers and the curriculum.”

“We love Children’s Garden Montessori. The teachers are kind and patient (with the kids as well as the parents). The children are taught to be independent and learn problem-solving skills. The school focuses on the child’s individual needs and interests. For example, my daughter is very interested in art and sign language. She has time to work on art every day and the teachers are working more sign language into their curriculum because of her interest. They have even recommended and provided materials for us to use at home to supplement the sign language that she is learning at school. I know it’s a great school because my daughter cheers and jumps for joy each day that she gets to attend her preschool.”

“My son is currently enrolled in his second year of Preschool at Children’s Garden Montessori. After a lengthy search for a Preschool program in the Plymouth/Canton area, I came across Children’s Garden Montessori. Within 5 minutes of touring the classroom and meeting the teachers, I knew that this was it! The director, Laura Bertsch, holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees and the Head Teacher, Tania Arras, holds two Bachelor’s degrees. None of the other preschools I looked at had preschool teachers with any education higher than an Associates. Mrs. Bertsch and Mrs. Arras are wonderful people and I trust my son in their care (he has never been in the care of anyone other but family prior to beginning preschool). The school offers Preschool, Kindergarten and Before/After care hours that would be convenient for most families. The tuition cost is comparable to many other preschool programs, but I feel the quality of education provided is higher than all the rest. The school itself is a large open classroom that is clean, organized and quiet. The school is located on Ford Road, just west of the Ridge intersection. Yes, it is next to a small taxidermy store, but that has never been an issue! My son has learned so much (including ABC’s, counting, rhyming, social skills, gardening, trying new foods for snacks-all healthy!, and so much more) preparing him for success in Kindergarten and beyond. I find that the school’s use of the Montessori teaching method helps children understand and learn so much more thoroughly. My son loves Preschool and the friends he has made there. I cannot say enough positive things about Children’s Garden Montessori!”

“This school is truly wonderful! The teachers are educated, experienced, and professional, but even more importantly, they are loving, patient and creative. They teach students independence, problem-solving, movement, gardening, yoga, language, singing, reading, writing, trying new foods, life skills, kindness, and so much more. They have a garden in the back, which my daughter loves. They even have a big hill for running and sledding! I love that every month there is a family outing, which has led to many of the families getting to know each other. We have gone to the cider mill, Jungle Java, and this month we will be helping out at a local food pantry. Also, my 4 year old daughter attends all day, utilizing both the before and after school care. I appreciate the hours that are available for working parents (I am actually an elementary teacher in Plymouth-Canton). Lastly, I am very happy with the level of communication that Mrs. Bertsch and Mrs. Arras provide for the families. We get monthly newsletters with a plethora of info, daily Facebook posts, and Mrs. Bertsch answers emails daily. At pick-up and drop-off, I always feel welcome to chat or ask questions. These are the kind of people I want taking care of my child when I can’t be there. Just visit this school-you will love it!”

“This is more than just a school, it is a second home! It has such a cozy feel and the teachers are incredibly loving, patient, and understanding. The education is dynamite as well. They understand the core standards and other test that the children will encounter in the future and find creative ways to teach each child to their own unique learning styles. My son is 4 (preschool) and they are working on sight words, mastery of letters/sounds (my son knew a handful at the beginning of the year and now knows over half with all letters/sounds/writing), math (counting, adding, recognition), and many other hands on activities that ties in practical learning. They do many arts and crafts and work on skills that help children focus on the task in front of them. They prepare the children emotional and socially as well. Discipline is not harsh and child is not labeled as “bad.” Children are taught to understand why they are doing what they are doing and redirected towards positive behavior. Another aspect that is so important to me is time outside! If it’s snowing they have children bring their gear and go sledding. If its a nice day they might spend a little extra time outside. They connect with nature and garden with the children. My son comes home so happy and relaxed. If this school went into elementary I would be sending my daughter here. Honestly, nothing I am unhappy with-the teachers are very flexible with our schedule as well!”

“Dropping off your young child for their first experiences in education can be overwhelming and scary. Children’s Garden made this experience positive for both our daughter and us, as parents. The teachers provide excellent learning opportunities for children of all ages, beyond what other preschools offer. The learning environment is rich in culture, manipulatives, and warmth. It is a blessing to have found such a wonderful school.”

“My daughter is thriving here. The teachers are excellent. They have years of experience and that is apparent in their interactions with the children. All children are treated with respect and therefore treat one another with respect! I love that I can leave my daughter in a safe and fun environment without worry. The children learn about nature through gardening in the back yard garden. The playground is excellent. The “peace table” is a great alternative to time outs for children. Highly recommended!”