Reading Aloud to Your Child- The Many Benefits

Reading aloud to your toddler or preschooler can give them many advantages; expanding their vocabulary, insight on how to begin writing and reading themselves, knowledge of the world around them, and also empathy.

Children who are read to daily will quickly understand where to begin reading on a page, and learning that reading happens from left to right. This will also help them with their beginning writing.

As parents, you are speaking to your child each day, but by reading aloud to your child, you are enhancing their vocabulary as they are being exposed to new words they are not hearing on a daily basis.

A child’s concentration can also be affected positively by reading aloud each day. Their ability to sit and listen to a book for longer periods each time will help assist their concentration and working abilities in school

Reading to your child from an early age has many benefits that can be shown academically, socially, and emotionally. This is also a great winding down period for you and your child to bond at the end of each day.


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